Rockit Graphics has been providing services in motion graphics, VFX and Art Direction since 2000. The studio’s work has appeared nationally on broadcast commercials, ESPN, EPIX, Amazon, Netflix, History Channel, FYi, and film festivals nationwide. Recently their work includes Art Direction for several series and films including the ESPN 30 for 30 on the life of wrestler Ric Flair, Nature Boy and History Channel’s “Secrets in the Sky”. .

Other major recent clients include Jeep, UFC, ADP and Macy’s. Rockit Graphics can provide a full-range of motion graphic and VFX services including title design and animation, compositing, rotoscoping, character animation, green screen keying, motion tracking, print, logos, wesite deign and 3D graphics. Please click the image to view the VFX demo reel. Below are some Print and Web samples. Other work available by request.

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“There is nothing glamorous in what I do. I’m a working man. Perhaps I’m luckier than most in that I receive considerable satisfaction from doing useful work which I, and sometimes others, think is good.  -Saul Bass


Below gives you some idea of what services I can provide for you. Please feel free to email me for more in-depth info and specifics related to your project. Be rest assured, that whatever project we work on, you are kept in the loop the entire way. We will work together to make the best possible product for you and your needs.


Providing services for motion graphics and special effects, compositing, keying and other post-production needs. I can prepare you videos for TV broadcast to web and everything in between.


Providing services from intial idea to final launch of your website. You are kept up-to-date through the entire build. I can design your site and do all the work necessary to get your site live for you! Either traditional HTML or WordPress, starting your first site, or rebuilding an outdated one.


Need a logo? Let's get branding! Do you need a brochure? I can help get your word out there! Got that movie you want to advertise? Let's posterize it! Need a deck made for your upcoming project? I'll take your ideas and put it in page form.


A little about the owner, Adam. I have been working professionally in digital media since 2000. I have my bachelor's in Computer Arts from School of Visual Arts in New York. Born and raised in New York, I am a fan of good music, good beers and a good laugh. If there is one thing that I've learned over the years, it is to make sure the final product is the best for both the client and myself.


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